Affiliate Responsible Serving Sites

Illinois Responsible Serving & Bartender Licensing

Illinois Responsible Serving & Bartender Licensing: Online courses approved for Illinois bartender training and seller/server certification

Alabama Responsible Vendor

Alabama Responsible Vendor: Information for Alabama Responsible Vendor Certification Program

California Responsible Serving ®

California Responsible Serving ®: California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control approved training!

BASSET Responsible Serving

BASSET Responsible Serving: Get a BASSET Responsible Serving of Alcohol Card Online!

WI Responsible Serving

WI Responsible Serving: Wisconsin Responsible Serving online course!

Texas Responsible Serving®

Texas Responsible Serving®: Get an official TABC permit by taking this responsible serving® course!

Professional Server Certification Corp

Professional Server Certification Corp: Approved Training and Certification Courses for the Hospitality Industry